05 Jul

Have you ever scrolled through someone's IG, Twitter or Facebook business feed and enjoyed the content and the variety before stumbling upon a pic of their child's graduation from kindergarten, the results of their bowling league team tourney or a random picture of their kitchen?

I have. And even if I know the owner(s) personally, that oddly placed photo or video always gives me pause. Instantly, I think "What's THAT doing there?"

And I guarantee you that I'm not alone thinking that, either.

Call me a purist, but business pages on any social platform are for BUSINESS. And while part of your furniture making, graphic design or restaurant business involves behind-the-scenes stuff (like the playlist you listen to while working, the new color schemes you're considering for your office or even the stationery store you visit for your new menus), personal, non-business-related stuff is NOT that. It's not even close.

Now, adding an occasional business-related photo, video or event flyer to your personal pages to let your family and friends know what you're up to is fine, but dotting your business pages with heavy family-related or other personal information does not have the same effect at all. It just doesn't work the same in reverse.

Think about it this way: The purpose of social media for your business is to promote that thing you do by generating buzz about it. What exactly are you promoting when you post your breakfast sandwich, favorite flower or new shoes if you are not a deli owner, florist or clothing designer? Yup - someone else's business.

Again, don't entirely strip the personality away from your business page. Do include some semblance of info that shows your audience that you are human. But, like the rest of your feed, logic and order are important. If you have 10 posts about your new book tour, one about you should at least be sort of related. Sure, go ahead and add that photo of the cool t-shirt you saw, but perhaps it would be a better fit if it was about the town you are speaking in or the one you are traveling to next.

Why not avoid confusion by trying to make every effort to keep your personal and business pages separate?

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